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MELAB Resources

Visit the MELAB exams section for a general overview of the MELAB and information about MELAB format, preparation, registration, and results.

Practice Materials

MELAB Practice Materials are now on sale and can be ordered from the practice materials page.

Support Materials

A complete MELAB sample test

Official Identification Form

MELAB Official Identification Form (PDF)

Sample Essays and Commentary

MELAB Sample Essays and Commentary (PDF) contains ten essays representative of each score on the MELAB Writing Rating Scale (PDF). The essays were written by MELAB test takers and scored and commented on by trained raters at CaMLA.

Score Report and Rescore Request Forms

MELAB Score Report Request (PDF)
MELAB Additional Score Report Request (PDF)
MELAB Rescore Request (PDF)

Rating Scales for Writing and Speaking

MELAB Writing (PDF) | MELAB Speaking (PDF)

MELAB/TOEFL Concordance Table

The MELAB TOEFL Concordance Table (PDF) was created by matching MELAB and TOEFL CBT total scores based on the common percentile rank for the participants in a University of Michigan study (PDF). The concordance table is intended to help those interested in establishing initial guidelines for using MELAB scores as an admission criterion. 

MELAB Recognizing Organizations

A partial list of organizations that accept MELAB scores.

Speaking Examiner Application

If you are a speaking examiner applicant and your test center has directed you here, please fill out the MELAB Speaking Examiner Application.


MELAB reports provide information such as the description of the MELAB; scoring and interpretation of scores; test-taking population; test statistics; and reliability.

Ordering Exams

Test centers should order exam materials by using the online order forms in CaMLA's Center Web.