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Resources by Exam



Learner Resources

Practice Materials

CaMLA practice materials help English language learners become familiar with the content and format of their chosen test so they can see whether their English is at the level required for the actual exam.

Support Materials

Support materials available online include sample tests, and depending on which exam you choose, may also include writing prompts, speaking prompts, and other practice materials to help you prepare for your exam.

Test Center Resources

Ordering Exams and Materials

Order your exams and materials through CaMLA's Center Web. 

Rating Scales for Writing and Speaking

ECCE Writing (PDF) | ECCE Speaking (PDF)
ECPE Writing (PDF) | ECPE Speaking (PDF)
MELAB Writing (PDF) | MELAB Speaking (PDF)
MET Speaking (PDF) | MET Writing (PDF)

Rescore Requests

Before using any of the rescore requests available for download, please contact your nearest test center to ask them about how they want you to register for a particular exam.

Researcher Resources

Research is at the center of all test development at CaMLA. It may be possible to provide you with data and/or material for specific research projects beyond what you find on our website. Contact us with your request. There is also more information on the Are you a researcher? page.

Spaan Working Papers

The Spaan Research Grant Program provides significant support for scholars in the field of language assessment. Their work has made lasting contributions to the field. We have a complete collection of the Spaan Papers on our site.

Publisher Resources

If you write material or publish exam preparation materials and are interested in details about our exams, please contact us to request more information. We also suggest checking out our news section for the latest updates on upcoming changes to the exams.

Study Materials

Although we endorse no specific title or publisher, following is a partial list of some study materials for tests of ESL proficiency. Practice tests alone will not prepare you for the exams; the best preparation is through the study and use of the language.

Publishers of Preparation Materials for CaMLA Tests