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ECPE Resources

Visit the ECPE exams section for a general overview of the ECPE as well as information about ECPE format, preparation, registration, and results.

Practice Materials

ECPE Practice Materials are now on sale and can be ordered from the practice materials page.

Support Materials

ECPE sample tests, writing prompts, speaking prompts, and other materials.

Rating Scales for Writing and Speaking

Writing Benchmarks

The ECPE Writing Section Benchmarks contains benchmarks that have been prepared by trained raters at CaMLA.

Speaking Benchmarks

Below is a video of an ECPE speaking test. The ECPE Speaking Sample Test and Commentary has been prepared by trained raters at CaMLA. It explains how the ECPE Speaking Rating Scale can be applied to arrive at an analytic score for the ECCE speaking section. The ECPE Speaking Test Description explains the format, expectations, and stages of the speaking test.

Scaled Scores

The following document helps explain questions we often receive about scaled scores: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Scaled Scores on the ECCE and ECPE (PDF).


ECPE administration reports are primarily intended for officers in institutions accepting the ECPE, language instructors, and researchers in language testing, or other relevant fields.

ECPE Recognizing Organizations

A partial list of organizations that accept ECPE scores.

Ordering Exams

Test centers should order exam materials by using the online order forms in CaMLA's Center Web.

Request a Certifying Statement

CaMLA does not provide replacements for lost certificates. However if proof of test-taker performance is required, it is possible to request a CaMLA Certifying Statement for the ECCE and ECPE. The statement will include official confirmation of the performance by a test taker. To order a CaMLA Certifying Statement for the ECCE or ECPE, please complete the Certifying Statement Request (PDF).

  • The cost for a CaMLA Certifying Statement for the ECCE or ECPE is $60 U.S.
  • Payments can be made by credit card, money order in U.S. funds, or a check drawn on a U.S. bank account
  • CaMLA Certifying Statement request forms should be faxed or mailed; CaMLA will not accept email or phone orders