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MELAB Registration

To register for the MELAB, complete the MELAB Official Identification Form, available for download in MELAB Resources. You can fill out the form by typing the requested information into the required fields. You should be able to type directly into the form on your screen. Print the form and either mail it or bring it to your MELAB test center.

Your completed identification form, your passport photo, and the test fee must arrive at your selected test center by the registration deadline as specified by the center. An incomplete identification form without a passport photo and the accompanying test fee will not be processed.

The MELAB Speaking Test cannot be taken alone. Speaking test scores are reported only in conjunction with the most recent written MELAB examination scores.

Contact your nearest MELAB test center for the dates of upcoming MELAB administrations.

Find a MELAB test center

Test Fees

Mail your MELAB Score Report Request (PDF) to the address listed on the request form, or phone our offices for other means of providing your payment.

Service Fee
MELAB (without the speaking test)
  • contact your local center
MELAB (with the speaking test)
  • contact your local center
Additional Score Reports
Additional Score Report Request Form (PDF)
  • $20 if requested at time of exam
  • $25 if requested after exam
Rush Score Reports
  • $70 if requested at time of exam
    (up to two reports mailed to institutions)
  • $35 each for additional rush score reports at time of test
  • $65 each if requested after the scores have been released
MELAB Rescoring
Rescore Request Form (PDF)
  • $60 per section
    (request must be made 30 days from receipt of test scores)
  • Mail your request form to CaMLA at the address listed on the form
  • You may fax or phone your request to us
  • Do not send credit card information by email or by email attachment; we will not process fees in this manner