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Working With Us

Become a CaMLA Test Center

Becoming a CaMLA test center requires a commitment to achieving and maintaining the high standards that have made our exams well known around the world. It also involves a number of preapproval checks. If you are interested in applying, we will consider your application in the light of our business strategy, existing provision, and local conditions.

Apply to become a test center:

  1. Review our Criteria for the Selection of Test Centers (PDF)
  2. If you meet the criteria from #1, fill out the online CaMLA Test Center Application (Note: if you are a Cambridge English center, you need to complete only Parts 1 and 3.)

We are not accepting applications from the following regions at this time:
China, Cuba, Greece, India, Iran, Jordan, North Korea, and Syria.
If you are in these regions and wish to complete an application, we will keep your submission on file and contact you should circumstances change.

Become an Examiner

CaMLA's international examiners are hired and trained through local centers. Please contact your nearest test center for further information. If you’re interested in becoming a speaking test examiner for a CaMLA test, we encourage you to review our Speaking Test Examiner Qualifications (PDF) prior to contacting your nearest test center.

Ann Arbor Area Opportunities

ECCE, ECPE, and MET Freelance Examiners Needed

CaMLA is looking for freelance speaking test examiners based in the Ann Arbor Area. Examiners will have the opportunity to administer English language tests to local students at various proficiency levels. Learn more about becoming a freelance examiner for the ECCE, ECPE, and MET.

GSI OET Freelance Examiners Needed

CaMLA seeks speaking test examiners for the GSI OET. Examiners will have the opportunity to administer English language tests to prospective graduate student instructors at the University of Michigan. Learn more about becoming a freelance examiner for the GSI OET.

Nonnative English Speakers Wanted for Free Conversation Practice

CaMLA is looking for students who are studying ESL in Michigan to take a free English speaking test. Sign up online for English conversation practice!


The CaMLA internship program provides professional training and research opportunities for English language teaching professionals and graduate students. Successful applicants will work closely with CaMLA teams on English language assessment tasks and projects that are appropriate to their interests and skills.

CaMLA Job Openings

Our continued success depends on the professionalism and talent of our staff in a wide range of front-line and supporting roles. Please visit our listing of current job openings to see if there’s an opening available that’s right for you.